Benefits of using an iWALK 3.0

The most obvious benefit of the iWalk leg crutch in comparison to conventional crutches, is that it is hands-free. Hands-free means that there is no interruption to your normal day-to-day routine. It may sound basic, but it is a freedom that conventional crutches or other crutch alternatives (such as knee scooters) cannot provide.

Normal crutches rob you of 3 of your 4 limbs – the iWALK gives you them back!

Walking the dog, cooking, climbing stairs, opening a door, using the phone – all simple tasks that take on a whole new level of difficulty when you use conventional crutches.

With iWALK 3.0 as your crutch alternative, you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle for weeks or months as your injury heals. Instead you can get back to a normal daily routine – going to work, shopping, playing with the kids, exercising, you can live the lifestyle you did before your injury.

Improving on traditional crutches

The iWALK 3.0 improves upon conventional crutches in many significant ways:

  • Enhanced mobility
  • Greater comfort
  • Ability to manage daily activities
  • Ability to remain independent
  • Improved motor function
  • Improved personal safety
  • Improved ability to exercise
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Potential for reduction in muscle atrophy, strength and bone density loss
  • Potential for shortened rehabilitation time

Enhanced Mobility

Men and women were not designed to support their weight under their arms, and crutch alternatives such as knee scooters cause extensive limitations to mobility.

The iWALK 3.0 is the only leg crutch that allows you to bear your weight on your legs (as your body is intended) while simultaneously providing mobility far better than conventional crutches.

With the iWALK 3.0 as your crutch alternative, you can walk in a more natural way, recruiting the larger, stronger muscles of your legs. You can walk faster, further and with less fatigue than is possible with conventional crutches or other alternatives to crutches (all while carrying things, to boot!)

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Greater comfort

Conventional crutches cause discomfort by putting unnatural pressure on your hands and underarms. Conventional crutches cause chafing, can rub the skin under your arms raw, cause irreparable nerve damage, and easily fatigue your hands and arms. Basically, conventional crutches make the simple act of getting around a strenuous chore. iWALK 3.0 can end all of this unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Instead of bearing the weight in your arms, your weight is transferred to your shin. Note – while it may appear that the weight is supported by the knee while using the iWALK 3.0, this is not the case. Your knee doesn’t bear any weight when using iWALK 3.0. The iWALK 3.0 functions under a similar principle as a knee scooter, where you kneel on a platform to support your weight.

Unlike other crutch alternatives, the iWALK 3.0 provides this comfort in addition to unsurpassed mobility on many types of terrain, making it the obvious choice in comparison to other crutch alternatives.

Ability to manage daily activities and remain independent

Walking the dog, doing dishes, cooking, carrying a cup of coffee, making copies, pushing a shopping cart – simple tasks, right? Not on crutches.

There are a myriad of things we do every day that require use of our hands and arms. Choosing the iWALK 3.0 as your substitute to the discomfort of crutches means a lower leg injury won’t restrict your daily activities. Regain your independence with the iWALK 3.0.

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Improved motor function and potential for shortened rehabilitation time

Conventional crutches and alternatives such as knee scooters leave your entire injured leg and hip mostly dormant. The iWALK 3.0 is the only crutch alternative that fully engages the muscles of your upper leg, thigh and hip when walking and standing which improves your motor function throughout and immediately after the rehabilitation period. Moving your leg increases blood circulation, which assists the body in healing.

The additional comfort and efficiency of iWALK 3.0 will also induce you to be more mobile than you would be with other mobility assistance devices.

Improved personal safety

We all fall down at some point. Falling on crutches is a particularly messy affair. Not only can you get tangled up in the crutches, but your hands and arms are not readily available to break your fall.

Small elevation changes like stepping off a curb present a dangerous challenge on crutches. iWALK 3.0 provides unparalleled personal safety – even walking up and down stairs is safely accomplished using iWALK 3.0.

Improved ability to exercise

Exercise and physical activity is an important part of many people’s lives. Crutches severely limit a person’s ability to stay active. The iWALK 3.0 does not just make walking and standing easier. iWALK 3.0 customers have demonstrated the iWALK 3.0 can make activities possible that would be unimaginable on conventional crutches.

iWALK 3.0 is the only crutch alternative where users can maintain their active lifestyle: golfing, bowling, hiking, going to the gym, playing basketball, and even playing tennis (though we don’t recommend it to the average user) are all possible with the iWALK 3.0. Don’t believe us? Click below to watch it in action!

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Improved emotional well-being

Losing mobility and the ability to function in day to day life can be an unimaginable hardship. Learning to cope with an injury without being able to get through typical daily activities and work can create tremendous mental stress. The iWALK 3.0 is the alternative to crutches that can help ease the stress of managing daily activities with an injury.

The iWALK 3.0 gives you much more than just the ability to walk. It gives you back your freedom.

Potential for reduction in muscle atrophy, strength and bone density loss

Use it or lose it. It’s true. Conventional crutches do little to work the muscle of your injured leg. Non-use can lead to muscle atrophy , loss of strength and coordination, decreased flexibility and bone density loss.

With iWALK 3.0, all the upper muscles in the leg, hip and buttock are fully engaged in the acts of walking and standing. This protects against the detriments associated with lack of use.

The new iWALK 3.0 is available from stock in the UK for just £174.95 including free delivery.

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Key features

If you need to be non weight bearing for any length of time and do not want give up your traditional daily routine, the iWALK 3.0 is for you!

  • Pain free, hands free moblity
  • For all non-weight bearing lower leg injuries
  • Walking on the iWALK 3.0 feels natural and easy
  • Regain your independence
  • Tool free, intuitive adjustments
  • Take on or off in seconds
  • Quickly converts for Left or Right leg use
  • Fits heights from 4’10 to 6’6”
  • Independent upper and lower leg adjustments
  • Customizable straps
  • Comfortable for long term use
  • Keeps your injury partially elevated
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty
  • The iWALK 3.0 is a patented FDA and CE Registered Class 1 Medical Device
  • Comfortable hypoallergenic foam padding
  • Clinically proven

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