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To a better recovery!

The Community, run by our friends at in the USA is your place to connect for a better recovery on one foot.

Achilles heal!

An active support community for people recovering from Achilles tendon rupture can be found at It’s a blog community where people recovering from Achilles tendon rupture write about their recovery experiences, keep track of their recovery progress, and give and receive support from other people who are going through the same injury/recovery. There is also a central repository of information related to Achilles tendon rupture and rehabilitation.

Keep it dry like a pro!

DryPro sell a waterproof cast protector that comes in arm, leg and PICC line versions. They supply by mail order throughout the UK and Ireland. Could be handy if you want to have a bath or shower without wetting your cast or wound.

Pimp your cast!

If you want to make your cast a bit more attractive, check out the fun covers from Cover My Cast. They are also the UK distributor of the Cast Cooler, which we hope to offer as well. I tried their demonstrator and was astonished at how effective it was at getting rid of that hot, sweaty feeling and its subsequent itchiness.

If you know of any organisations or products that have helped you during your time on crutches, please do get in touch.

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