• Free your hands with the iWALK knee-crutch
  • Get back to work in no time with the iWALK 2.0 hands free crutch
  • Exercise is fine with this hands-free crutch
  • Play golf with a sprained ankle and with an aircast
  • Move over knee scooters, you can shop with ease with iWALK 2.0


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PegLegs introduced the iWALK 2.0 knee crutch to the UK back in 2010 as THE alternative to traditional crutches. Today, we’re still the go-to specialist for medics and private purchasers across the country.

We’re proud of our personal service, so if you’ve got a question you can speak to Jerry directly on 03300 240966

NOTICE: A number of patients are being offered a trial which involves being in an Air Boot from the beginning. As such, they do not need to be non-weight-bearing and may wish to return their iWALK 2.0. This costs us a considerable amount, so please check before you buy.

Please note – we are out of stock until the new iWALK 3.0 arrives in the UK soon. See the manufacturer’s website

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The perfect alternative to crutches. Don’t let your injury hold you back – enjoy comfortable, stable walking with your hands free!

The iWALK 2.0 hands free crutch is the best crutch alternative for people with lower leg injuries or below the knee amputations. If you could walk normally prior to your injury, then you’ll be able to use the iWALK2.0 knee crutch – it’s as simple as that!

Video Guidance

Wondering how the iWALK crutch alternative works? Have a look at these two informative videos:

Product Features

  • Pain free, hands free mobility
  • Regain your independence
  • Take on or off in seconds
  • Fits heights from 4’10 to 6’6”
  • Comfortable for long term use
  • Quickly converts for Left or Right leg use
  • 1 Year Warranty

“Bear in mind – the iWALK 2.0 knee walker can give you back the mobility you lost, but it can’t give you what you did not have in the first place! If you would like some advice on whether the iWALK 2.0 is right for you before placing your order, don’t hesitate to give me a call – 03300 240966.”

Jerry Jones, Founder @ PegLegs

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We have stock available and aim to ship within 2 working days, using a next-day carrier. You’ll be pleased to know postage and packaging is free but if it’s urgent, let us know you’re in a rush and we will try to ship the same day!

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Note: If you are outside the area for our carrier’s standard delivery charge, such as in Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man or the Channel Islands we may have to pass on to you the additional carriage at the cost to us of between £12.00 and £21.60. We also may not be able to achieve delivery within 24 hours.

Guarantee and returns

Covid-19 precautions

We will hold all returns for 3 days before inspecting them to allow any viral traces to disappear before opening.

Please unpack carefully and keep all packing materials. You have 15 days from receipt to try your iWALK indoors on clean flooring. If it’s unsuitable for you, please contact us for advice and return instructions. We will inspect it and refund your purchase cost, which does not include any non-standard shipping costs, by the means you used to pay. You will be liable for the cost of replacing any parts that are damaged or showing signs of wear. The cost of return carriage is your responsibility.

In the case of a fault, we will send you a replacement part under our 12 month warranty as quickly as possible. This warranty does not cover wearing parts and is not intended to cover extended use patterns. See the USA-based manufacturer’s warranty exclusions wording below:

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover defects resulting from accidents, damage while in transit, alterations, unauthorized repair, failure to follow instructions, misuse, normal wear and tear, long term use (continual usage for over 18 weeks), negligence, fire, flood, and Acts of God. Wear parts, such as foam padding, are specifically excluded.


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68 reviews for iWALK2.0

  1. Fay Love (verified owner)

    Don’t even think about it, just order!
    Broke my rib/fib in May, have gone from weight baring with a walking cast to non weight baring after managing to move the fib whilst waiting for surgery a few days ago. Crutches are hell. I’ve tried every type and crutch grips available on the internet and still had sore, red and blistering hands (made 10x worse due to the current heat wave).
    Couldn’t hack it anymore so iWalk 2.0 was the next option and it’s nothing short of a miracle!
    Took a bit of setting to the right position (I think I was trying to make it the same as my good leg and I’d have to strange gait) but a small limp is a small price to pay for not having crutches. I’m back carrying coffee, plates of food, tidying up! Thinned I haven’t done for 3 months! Walking round the shops is no longer a daunting prospect.
    I had an afternoon just iwalking about the house before I ventured into the world. Stairs are a beeeze if you have a railing which unfortunately my stairs do not but generally stairs are a breeze!
    People will stare and ask questions. It’s a bizarre contraption which not many people have seen!
    Only thing I would say is that the knee support could be a bit spongier but that’s easy rectified. It’s a bit of a pain getting on and off for getting in the car but a handy helper will always hold your brolley in the rain. And girls, it’s causes some wardrobe issues if you have a non removable cast you may need to invest in some culottes style trousers, or a V long dress/skirt as the handle/thigh straps does cause clothing to lie at a funny, slightly revealing angle. Shorts work a treat but ain’t great when it’s torrential rain.
    But those small things are nothing compared to your freedom without crutches!

  2. Peter Martin (verified owner)

    Great product – but not for me 🙁
    My broken fibula came from a bad fall skiing, which significantly strained a number of tendons ( sometimes this only really becomes apparent as the swelling subsides). The iWalk needs to be strapped tightly to the thigh and in my case the sore tendons meant this was too uncomfortable for more than very short periods. By the time the soreness went (about 4 weeks) I was deemed ready to start weight bearing so the need had substantially (though not completely) gone away. I also found it difficult to get good padding to stop the cast chafing round the knee area.
    All that said, I thoroughly recommend this product, it’s a fantastic innovation, very well thought out – and if you’ve any doubts, have a chat with Jerry who is always ready to help.

  3. Russ piggott

    fantastic delivery service i ordered yesterday afternoon paid overnight carrige and recieved 09.00hrs this morning. Easy assembly, ajustment instructions of iwalk easy to follow and i was up and about within an hour. I felt confident within a few minutes of use and after 20min i went up the stairs. I found easiest way to come back down stairs was to turn round and come down backwards ensuring to use hand rail for support and stability. The iwalk is a great piece of kit.

    • Jerry Jones (verified owner)

      We try our best as we know people often need their iWALK as soon as possible

  4. JL (verified owner)

    First off – a review of Jerry… handed me my pegleg in person the day of ordering. Beat that Jeff Bezos! And he is a lovely guy to boot.

    Now, the Peg. This is a 5 star product and does everything everyone states it will.

    Afer a triple ankle fracture and two avulsion fractures with ruptured tendons I am up and about and completed a trip from Bristol to London (on national rail) on my peg (unaided) less than 1 week after injury.

    But I like accurate informative reviews so here are my few negatives!

    These may be mostly poor adjustment issues as I’m still fine tuning my peg…

    First off the foot needs more camber adjustment, it’s too upright and straight and this means more stress on the upper thigh and I’m using the handle more than I would like to force the angle out, which also causes some hand blisters after a long day.

    Second the straps, it’s an ingenious solution but a long neoprene tube with strong Velcro would have been easier and faster to zip in and out and would cause less fatigue, particularly behind the knee.

    Fine adjustment on height… I found myself wishing for an adjustment hole always between the two for both the upper and lower frames… probably sods law.

    Getting in and out and general transportation (taxis,etc) takes time and patience… Sometimes the crutch is much faster but you need to sacrifice this when out and about as carrying the peg while using crutches is impossible. I have taken to using the crutches when I’m moving from a chair to do a quick task because the peg isn’t that rapid. Better foldability and transportation of the peg into a backpack would be great!

    But to put some perspective on this, in comparison to crutches the peg is a brilliant piece of kit and I would recommend it to anyone instantly. And I will do at my next fracture clinic appt to anyone with a cast with a set of ears.

    Stop thinking about it and just buy one.

  5. KM

    I used this for about a month after I broke my foot. It enabled me to get up the stairs of the station as I couldn’t get upstairs on a scooter and there was no lift. Plus National Rail wouldn’t let me book my knee scooter onto a train as they didn’t seem to have a category for non-electric knee scooters, only electric ones. A lot of people stopped me in the street to talk about it as well, which helped with the social isolation you get when you break a bone and are not able to get out much. I also managed to help carry a sofa using it and walk all around Ikea! It prevents muscle wasting, which was great. I regret not buying my scooter and i-walk earlier as using normal crutches for a month really messed up the knee of my good leg. It seems the NHS spends a lot of money on injuries caused by crutches, so it’s a shame they don’t promote these kinds of devices more.

  6. Supriya

    Umm I’m not sure it works on kids but can it tho

  7. Eileen Brown

    I submitted a review on November 1st, giving the iWalk 2.0 only 4 stars due to an issue I had with one of the thigh supports. Within a few minutes of posting, Jerry had emailed me offering to fix the issue I had with the crutch. A very impressive response indeed.
    He then called me and, after a discussion, discovered what the exact issue was, and within 36 hours of the initial call, had sent spares for the crutch which fixed my problem.
    The service was fabulous, quick and efficient. Excellent customer service. Very impressive indeed.
    The crutch now works perfectly – I can not manage without it. I have no idea how anyone copes for weeks with NHS crutches. Please tell everyone with similar injuries about this crutch – it will certainly save their sanity too!

  8. Mike Lunnon (verified owner)

    Fantastic device,the i- walk allowed me to carry on working as a hairdresser and enabled me to do simple things like take a coffee from one room to another.The I-walk is far safer on staircases than traditional crutches,it allows you to hold on to handrails with both hands.All in all I would call the I- walk my life saver,it definitely saved my business.

  9. Margaret Everett (verified owner)

    After having an operation to rebuild my ankle I was not allowed to use the iwalk for 2 weeks now I am allowed and with living in a split level bungalow it has given me my independence back I bought it early so I could practice before my operation and I am pleased I did it has given me a lot more confidence thank you I would not be without it and the service I received was second to none.

  10. Sarah Tiptoegirl Wilson

    I love this device. I tore my Achilles tendon and the iWALK 2.0 meant that as a self employed person I could just keep working through my injury no loss of income and I didn’t let anyone down.
    At first I thought I had made a mistake but within fifteen minutes I was comfortably moving around with my hands completely free. When I revisited the hospital everyone in the waiting room wanted one. My friend is now using it, having had an operation to fuse her ankle.
    It’s brilliant.

  11. Morag Smart

    An amazing piece of kit, I fell and broke my leg and was non weight bearing for 10 weeks. With this I could move around more easily and lead a more normal life whilst recuperating. It left me with 2 hands free to carry things. When I went to hospital to the physio department they all thought it was great and asked where I had found it.

  12. Andrew Clark

    I had major foot surgery, over three months ago, and the I-Walk has been amazing as it has enabled me to do so much that would be impossible otherwise. It’s also particularly helpful for me, because I don’t have very good balance and tend to fall off crutches!

    When I recently broke one of the clips on my I-Walk, I feared the worst – thinking that I’d have to wait for ages for a replacement part to arrive from Canada.

    How wrong I was – I rang peglegs.co.uk and I had the part in my hand the next morning! No query, no hassle, no hesitation, no problem – just an excellent, personal service.

  13. Victoria S

    This device is awesome. Permits greater mobility than crutches or unstable knee walkers. Particularly useful for in the home, office or more confined spaces. My ankle joint disintegrated over 6 years. Had multiple reconstructions and have used crutches/mobility scooter for nigh on 3 years of that. Found this for my latest op. 3 months non-weight bearing and chronic carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands would have crucified me. Instead, I got this and there was no stopping me. Shopping, gardening, just making a cup of tea and getting it to the sofa was possible but crutches prevented. I still use it as I get a lot of pain after walking for a while. Would strongly recommend this product for anyone with lower limb problems. Just take care in the wet as it can be a little hair raising. Use crutches when the ground is wet for more stability.

    • Jerry Jones

      Used correctly, with your weight fed vertically down through the iWALK it should be more slide-resistant than crutches in the wet – before I bought my original iWALKFree I prostrated myself flat on the floor in the hospital reception when my crutch slid sideways away from me on a shiny, wet floor!

  14. Eileen Brown

    I so want to give this product 5 stars for saving my sanity during weeks and weeks with my foot off the ground. However, part of the design of the crutch – and its associated structural problem is an issue in stability that drops this review down one star for me.
    I tripped only a few days after using the crutch and completely stripped the teeth from the gearing at the top of the leg. This means that every step I take means that the inner support at the top of my thigh moves, and jumps the gear teeth. This means that I am unstable and wobble with every step, no matter how tightly I pull the top strap. Eventually I worked out that If I hammered two dowel pins into the slot where the knurled wheel is, then the support would not move, and I feel safe again.
    Although the micro gears mean that tiny adjustments can be made, these tiny gear teeth can easily round off over time (I’ve been using the pegleg for 7 weeks so far with no end in sight). Larger tooth gearing would ensure that casual slips and trips do not render the crutch unsafe.
    Apart from the stability issue, the crutch has enabled me to live a fairly normal life and get around, albeit slowly. I’m so glad I discovered this device. If only the thigh supports were more robust, this would be a five star plus review. Hopefully the V3 device will put things right.

    • Jerry Jones

      We keep a full stock of spares in case of problems like this – all you need to do is ask!

  15. Dave Austen

    Brilliant, two months after a lower leg amputation I can get out and walk around, I read the reviews and bought one, I have never been so impressed with a product, it not just helps physically but mentally I am free, thanks for this great iWalk2! my physiotherapist said it looks good to use as well.

  16. Maggy (verified owner)

    The iwalk is an absolutely brilliant invention! I recently broke my ankle and am non weight bearing for 6 weeks. After a week of struggling around on crutches and feeling rather miserable I discovered it by chance. It arrived very quickly and I haven’t looked back since. I am able to get around the house easily and am quite independent now. Thanks very much!

  17. Andy Knowles (verified owner)

    It is clear from the reviews prior to this one that this an excellent product for people with lower leg injuries who also want to maintain some semblance of normality in their lives during the recovery process.

    The point I would like to make is how amazing and personal the service was from Jerry at peglegs. I placed an order on a Thursday afternoon and within minutes I received an email advising my order would be shipped that day for next day delivery. This meant I was on my feet, hand free, less than 24 hours after placing the order!

    Thank you for a great product and more importantly for great, personal customer service. I recommend this product and this website to anyone who would be able to use the iWALK2.0.

  18. Chris Crossland

    A chef with a broken ankle is a chef stuck at home for 8 weeks. Crutches resulted in two early falls so I was looking forward to “house arrest” and crawling around. The iWALK2.0 was brilliant. And made everything so much easier. I felt confident in and around the house etc. It certainly helped keep my morale up and took the pressure of my wife, as I could look after myself and even do the cooking now and then! Thanks for making this great product available.

  19. Sandra Yates

    Due to permanent ankle injury, which means using crutches all of the time, My Husband bought me the iwalk which is a godsend as i can now move about the kitchen with my hands free and cook his dinner!! great purchase regards Sandra

  20. Jane

    The iwalk has been completely life changing for my husband. We were lucky enough to spot this devise on a film and quickly researched it on the internet. My husband is a lower leg amputee awaiting further surgery. He was in crutches for a year before we found iwalk and was limited on what he could do. The iwalk has enabled him to get a job, carry out day to day activities like carry a drink and shopping and has given him a new lease of life. We cannot thank Pegleg’s enough. Their service is always spot on. We have now been using the leg every day for over a year and have ordered replacement parts for it which turned up in record time. We cannot fault the service or product provided and would highly recommend PegLeg’s for anyone who is looking for an alternative to crutches.

  21. Will

    Brilliant piece of kit allowed me to continue working with a broken ankle, and to get around and carry things around my flat on my own without crutches in my hands!

  22. Unknown

    Thanks Jerry for your offer of help, it arrived and I managed to set it up and was walking within 10 minutes (after a year and a half in my wheelchair). I’m not using it constantly because I have an electric wheelchair, but will use it in circumstances when the using the wheelchair is impossible (for example getting into the cupboard under the stairs)!

  23. Ruth

    Dear Jerry,

    I just wanted to let you know what a life and sanity saver the PegLeg turned out to be!

    I had a mid-foot fusion operation on 19th April, 2016 and the initial 2 weeks post-op was a nightmare because I could only get around on crutches and was restricted to the house. For the next 6 weeks I was in a plaster cast, non-weight bearing, but with the aid of the PegLeg I could at least get out and about and exercise which really was a life saver. Even when I got into an air boot at 8 weeks post-op I was still non-weight bearing and was able to use the PegLeg easily and comfortably with the boot for the next four weeks until I was permitted to partially weight bear using the boot.

    I found the PegLeg simple and easy to use and once I had got the hang of the “strapping on” process I could get it on and off and get underway in less than 30 seconds. It could even be used (with care) on uneven ground, up and down stairs etc.

    A number of my medical, physiotherapy and rehabilitation colleagues – and even passers by as I was walking along Poole seafront using it! – commented on the PegLeg’s innovative design and practicality. I am now back on both feet although still in the recovery phase.

    Thank you for making my rehabilitation period so much less of a burden!

    Kind regards, Ruth.

  24. David Shaw

    Had a total ankle replacement and, after two weeks flat on my back, needed to spend up to six weeks on crutches. Decided to go with the iWalk instead, and it was much, much better than crutches – easier on the muscles (and the heart), plus left your hands free to carry things etc. Good on-line tutorials, and good assembly guide. Highly recommended. David

  25. Holly Steel (verified owner)

    What a great design. I was only 2.5 weeks into an Achilles tendon rupture when I slipped on my crutches on a wet floor. I managed to strain my upper right arm in the process so was even more bound to the sofa as my crutches were agony. I was searching the internet for how to make crutches more comfortable when I came across the iWalk 2.0. Not only was it half the price of so called “smart crutches” but it would give me back the use of my arms and hands. The website said it could be dispatched quickly if it was urgent so I sent an email that morning asking for a quick delivery and it was with me by 1030 the next morning. Excellent. The online tutorials are also excellent. As I am looking at at least another 3-4 weeks of non-weight bearing, I consider it some of the best money that I have ever spent. I put a like to your website on my FaceBook page and a friend of mine has already said that his Dad is considering buying one. It was only by luck that I came across this product. If only the hospital had given me some information on it when I was first injured, I might not have hurt my arm in the mean time.

  26. Helen Gander

    I purchased my iWalk 2.0 months before a long awaited operation on my left foot. It was ideal to rest my foot whilst still working (self-employed cleaner and gardener). After major surgery my iWalk2.0 made everyday life possible. The NHS zimmer frame, crutches and perching stool all had major drawbacks including causing pain in shoulders and wrists, and becoming trip hazards and obstructions. With the iWalk2.0 I was able to get out and about to visit my clients and actually do some light cleaning and gardening for them. I have recommended the iWalk2.0 to all my Physiotherapists and everyone else. When I find things that are really well designed and made, I get excited by them and when they are also reasonably priced I’m very happy. I’m still excited and happy about my iWalk2.0 even now I don’t need to use it! Just one small thing that might make it even better……a bit of a shock absorber like in some walking sticks, as long as it doesn’t put the price up. It is still brilliant anyway, thank you.

  27. Nicola Scott (verified owner)

    What can I say, the iwalk has restored my independence. I had an ankle fusion two weeks ago. I bought the iwalk previously in preparation for my surgery. It arrived within 2 days of me placing my order. I had a good practise on it and made sure all the measurements were right so i could use it straight away.
    2 days after my surgery i was using the iwalk and completeing normal household tasks. Although i am still in the resting phase i am not reliant upon anybody due to the iwalk. If i was on crutches i wouldnt be able to carry a drink, cook a meal and carry it.
    The iwalk is so easy to use, exceptionally comfortable and easy to adjust.
    When in hospital with my son this week the iwalk has been the topic of conversation for the nursing staff, who state they will be suggesting its use to other patients.
    The iwalk has provided me with the freedom of movement i had before the surgery and will do for the next month until i am allowed to bear weight.
    I also had to email customer services when i placed my order. I had an extremely prompt and helpful reply. So all in all a wonderful product and fabulous customer service.

  28. Jim eadie

    Brilliant product *****
    Tore both muscles in my Achilles non wait bearing plaster for 12 weeks reality kicked home in the hospital when I got two under arm crutches not good life shocker
    Searched the internet and found the iwalk ordered from Jerry asked for the next day delivery arrived on time and hey presto I was back to working in my shop the next day a revelation would recommend to anyone with a non wait bearing cast and not expensive at all
    Thanks to Jerry and the iwalk for helping me at this desperate time

  29. Brendan Copps

    I was delighted with the freedom afforded to me, having relied on crutches after foot surgery. I was able to carry out most normal daily tasks, because my hands were free, despite being in plaster and unable to weight bear. I valued the independence and believe that the peg leg was excellent value.
    I would highly recommend this aid to mobility.

  30. Harry Russell

    I found the Pegleg to be well designed, and very well made as befits such a device. Instructions were clear. For me it was not a replacement for crutches, but an alternative for occasions when I wanted to be able to carry things around the house, e.g. a drink from one room to another. One design drawback is that with my long legs (33″ inside leg) I had to set the device near its full extension. At and near full extension there is less adjustability, and hence I could not correctly match the length of the peg leg – it was either too long or too short, giving me an uneven gait. I belive this problem contributed to lower back pain encountered during and since my recovery. People with shorter legs than me may not have this problem because length of the peg leg can be adjusted in smaller increments in the midrange.

  31. Aly Jackson

    This saved my sanity!! I tore my achilles tendon in May and was struggling with the prospect of no weight bearing for weeks. I happened upon the website for the Pegleg and didn’t look back. Well worth the money for the robust and accessible spare leg! I also managed to entertain children everywhere with the ‘legless’ pictures and being able to run after them. Once I’d finished with it, and was able to walk with the moon boot, I sold it to another hapless, legless soul with an achilles tear for the same price I bought it for. Win win. Thank you.

  32. antony john lemon

    dear jerry can not put into words how happy I was with the peg leg I fractured my heel in three places and could not weight bear for three months the peg leg helped me get back to work within that time I even managed to fit my wardrobes in new house

  33. Davey D

    This thing is amazing. Great for getting your independence back and getting around (the house mostly). I had a broken ankle and did take it out and about quite a lot. I had to endure a lot of funny looks and pirate jokes, but it is amazing, compared to using crutches. I would recommend some padding though.

  34. Dawn Thomasson

    Thank you for the personal chat before I bought. I was recovering from a triple fracture and dislocation of my ankle with a cruise booked which I couldn’t cancel. I think I initially set the pegleg too high and felt unstable. My friend spotted the problem and once adjusted, it was brilliant. I managed the rough crossing of the North Sea and without it I would have been unable to board or leave the ship – there were 30 rattly steps the cruise company had failed to mention – too many on ordinary crutches! My only very minor complaints – it doesn’t like being stood up/propped up when taken off and I would have liked a reflector/flag at the back..???? but, overall, it was much admired by my fellow passengers who considered me much braver than you need be to use one!

  35. Colin Jarvis (verified owner)

    Badly damaged my Achilles tendon. Try carrying a cup of coffee to the sofa with crutches!! With the I walk it became possible again along with so many more things to make a miserable time bearable.

  36. J Trenholme

    Totally agree with lifesaver comments. I’m over 60 & badly broke 1 ankle & twisted the other. I couldn’t manage crutches because of weak arms and hopping on a twisted ankle with a zimmer was agony. Not only that but the builders arrived to start our extension & dug up the floor between me & the downstairs loo. I heard about the i-walk from internet blogs & it arrived double quick. I used the videos to get going & even used it when I had my ‘boot’ after the pot taken off. BRILLIANT! Don’t know why hospitals don’t supply or recommend.

  37. Lyn Starkie

    I broke my ankle in January 2014 and the iwalk saved my sanity. I was sceptical about spending the money on a product that might not work but after a series of emails I bought one. It does everything that it says on the tin. The week after it arrived my husband had a heart attack so I was then even more dependent on it to get me up and down stairs, make food, drinks etc. A couple of months after I finished using it a colleague fell and broke her ankle. I lent her my iwalk and she also found it invaluable.

  38. R Elgar

    Amazing invention, we only found out about it through a friend who had one. My daughter smashed her ankle and heel falling off her horse showjumping, has been in plaster 8 weeks, the first three we had crutches and her pain was intense, the foot kept going black blue and her hands and arms sore.
    We decided to purchase an iwalk after much deliberation due mainly to the cost, I had great advice from the makers in the USA and we checked with the consultant that he was happy for us to try it.
    It made a difference immediately, less pain, less discolouring as it was elevated higher for longer, you get your hands back, so you lose just one limb not three ! My daughter was able to be around her horses much easier with this device.
    I would thoroughly recommend one of these, if you work the cost out over 8-10 weeks of use its not too bad and definately sped up recovery. Out of plaster now and in a boot instead.
    We too had lots of people asking about it as they hadnt seen one before, including the hospital staff.

  39. Xander Reeve

    I struggled along on crutches for a couple of weeks before discovering the iWalk 2.0 – what a difference it made! It gave me back my independence and I was even able to go on holiday just 6 weeks later!


    Yes Yes, the peg leg is brilliant and you learn very quickly how to use it, plus it saves you from going mad , i went shopping restaurants, did gardening , well thought out piece of equipment. all concerned from telephoning to order it to arriving very helpful. good price and we live in Spain.
    Hopefully we will not need it again but is there if we do for any member of our family.
    Mary Whitfield Spain

  41. Leslie

    AMAZING!! INGENIOUS!! I had my Ankle fused and was told it’ll take around 3-4 months before I can walk. The prospect of being on crutches for that long was not a good one. It was a miracle when I happened upon this very novel idea. I checked out the reviews and took the chance……Best Decision EVER! I can highly recommend. The orthopaedic surgeons never saw anything like it and were impressed.

  42. Adrian

    The iwalk free made my recovery from a high ankle sprain so much more bearable. I was able to walk and travel on trains with ease. I told my consultant about it and on my next visit I walk leaflets were in the waiting room. It really is a brilliant invention and works beautifully.

  43. Lisa

    Fantastic product. Following torn achilles tendon the prospect of being non weight bearing and in plaster for 4 months this was the perfect item to get me up and about quickly and easily, providing independence and freedom of movement impossible with crutches.
    I even commuted to London daily on the train!!

  44. Andrew Smith

    An essential aid to anyone who has had an ankle operation, particularly if their upper body strength is poor and/or crutches are difficult. I found it easy to use and once I had got my balance I was able to move around both inside and out with little problem and, of course, use both hands.
    Well worth the money – don’t be persuaded that crutches are the answer!

  45. beth helen

    THIS HAS BEEN AMAZING! I have fractured my ankle and been told could be 12 weeks of non weight bearing. After 2 weeks of not being able to get around on crutches and being a mother of a 7 year old and a 4 year old I could not do anything for them. Looking on the internet found the iWALK 2.0 on peglegs.co.uk they had lots of information which really helped my decision on purchasing the iWALK. It came very quickly and I was walking again in minutes!! Able to do the school run, washing which was mounding and all the other mundane things you think you don’t like doing until you can’t do them!! The iWALK has even enabled me to go on a planned holiday to France, which would not have been possible on the crutches. I have only had my iWALK for a week but it has changed my recovery, I was getting very depressed but the iWALK has given me my independence back until I can walk properly again. Thank you

  46. Robert Stephenson

    Complete achilles rupture and this bit of kit was a revelation, to be mobile without crutches makes the recovery so much more bearable, would highly recommend.

  47. Gillian Purdy

    Amazing , I couldn’t believe how useful and practical the pegleg was.
    I had a ruptured tendon in my foot and had to spend 6 weeks non weight bearing in a plaster cast to my knee.
    Prior to op I practised on crutches but found them difficult to use especially on stairs and then I discovered pegleg my saviour!!
    It enabled me to walk hands free and climb stairs normally. It made life so much better and gave me total freedom.
    I’m not so young and when I told the physio prior to the op what I had purchased she was very sceptical and wanted me to come in prior to the op to prove I could actually use it to walk which she thought I wouldn’t be able to do.
    With very little practice I soon mastered walking normally with it and when I went back to prove I could do it she was absolutely rendered speechless with the ease I walked across the room with it in place. She was so impressed she recommended its use to the consultant and said she would to other patients who may need it.
    I highly recommend to anyone who needs help, Its well constructed and easy to use

  48. Carole

    I would never have gotten through six weeks in plaster with broken fibula without the iwalk! I found it by accident and it was an absolute godsend. I didn’t realise how little you could do in plaster,little things like carrying a cup of coffee,or hanging my washing out,going to the stables to check my horse,take my dog for a walk,I couldn’t have done any of these things without the iwalk,I found it so easy to use,walking round in a few minutes,I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. A life and sanity saver.

  49. Mark Potter

    Bought a PegLeg for my daughter who was in a below-knee cast for 3 months following foot surgery. It took he a few days to get used to it, and then there was no stopping her! In to town shopping, stumping down to the pub, going to college, she could fit / unfit the PegLeg within seconds, and she quite enjoyed her “celebrity status” with everyone stopping to stare, and then asking questions. Coming off the PegLeg for rehab really slowed her down!
    The only suggestion I would make for the iWalk3 is a folding mechanism, so you could sit at a table without having to remove the PegLeg.

  50. Stu

    Great product, used in gait training when a pressure sore on an ankle stopped the training.

  51. Rebecca Allan

    It helped me remain sane!
    I had a foot surgery in Feb 2015 and had to remain in a cast for 3 months. At my doctor’s recommendation I bought the iwalk and was extremely impressed. Easy to adjust, putting it on and taking it off became second nature during those months. Worth every penny!
    I highly recommend it!

  52. Michael smith

    Following an accident, I had my right leg below knee amputated. I then found I couldn’t tolerate a prosthetic limb at all, due to a Neuroma in the stump and also complex regional pain syndrome. I never walked at all for over 10 years, and by chance I discovered Jerry and his company Peglegs. Jerry been very very helpfull I spoke to him for advice on the I WalkFree, and decided to buy one. It was dispatched immediately and I received it very quickly. Within 15 minutes I was walking around the house, this was such a big deal for me as I hadn’t walked at all for over 10 years. I can’t thank Jerry enough, for his help advice because this device changed my life. I have gone on since then to buy another unit, so I have one in the house and one in the car. Jerry is always there for help and advice and even spare parts for the I walk 2. I f you are thinking about buying one just do it, you won’t regret it at all. And also the price is very reasonable if it means walking again. Fantastic company and staff to deal with. Thank you Jerry

  53. Susan Rees

    I fractured my ankle and faced what I thought would be 6/8 weeks in a non weight bearing plaster.Feeling miserable and with very sore hands from the crutches,I did a little research and came across the I Walk. I was delighted and couldnt wait to try it out. It came very quickly,but that day I had an appointment at the fracture clinic,and was told that after 8 days I could now start to weight bear.So I rang Jerry and asked if I could send the peg leg back.(I hadnt opened the package).The peglleg was sent back and my money was refunded with no problems at all.What a wonderful service. Although I didnt get to use it I would highly recommend it to others who would be able to use it. I think the Iwalk advertisements should be in every fracture/ orthopaedic clinic.Thank you for an excellent service

  54. Kathryn

    Absolutely brilliant walking aid. The surgeon who carried out operation was really impressed with it. Made life so much easier to move around.
    Brilliant. Highly recommend this walking aid.

  55. Lynda Sharpe

    Having fractured my ankle I was facing weeks of non weight bearing and use of crutches. Within 24 hours I was grumpy and everything was a huge effort. Living in a house on 3 floors I was struggling. I am not one for just sitting still so I began to search online – surely someone has invented something that will make this sutuation more bearable? I stumbled upon PegLeg and the IWalk.

    It arrived quickly, I followed the easy installation instructions, watched the video’s suggested.

    I was nervous, but followed the advise and I was up and mobile within minutes. Within 10 minutes I had the confidence to walk up the stairs. Within reason, I had my independence back.

    I was always the talk at the Fracture Clinic and was happy to tell everyone who asked about this fantastic crutch alternative.

    Without this, I would have become very depressed. It made an unfortunate circumstance bearable and I am very grateful for its invention and happy to give my honest and glowing report and support for this product and thankfully the UK distribution.

  56. Vanessa Scales

    The iWalk 2.0 was a complete life saver as I could not handle crutches at all following a foot operation in January 2016. After an initial short period of mastering how to use to it I was able to do most things around the house and had the confidence to venture outside for walks and even to restaurants. This is an amazing invention and totally worth the money. Thank you so much.

  57. Ruchir

    Absolutely brilliant lifesaving device. This gave me an independence I just would not have had otherwise. Fast effective shipment just in time for a short holiday trip. And my four year old loved it. Robot dad!

  58. Jan hudson

    I have had my iwalk now for nearly 2 years, and it has changed how I deal with the loss of my lower limb. I had seen various prosthitc specialist who told me that there was no way I would walk useing what they call a normal prosthrtic. I sank in to a bit of a dark hole, not depression, it was more frustration. I lost my limb in a work accident but got an infection in the limb that turned out to be CRPS. I and my family had never heard of it, but the pain was so crippling I opted for the limb to come off, out of hope that it would stop the pain, and no it didn’t but I didn’t have a useless bit of meat hanging down. My partner saw the iwalk and we both decided it was worth a try. I am so glad I brought one within 10 minutes of opening the box I was stood upright and for the first time in about 3 years I could stand and look at my partner and hug her. I felt that nothing could stop me now. I showed the so called specialist that there is always something for everyone and that their negativity wouldn’t rub off on me. I can walk up and down stairs, I can get up when I want too and move about. I’ve worn out that many foot pads now, and brought 3 new iwalks, one for best one for out in the garden and the other was the one I used for both and wore it out. I like the modififercaton that came out on my last one where the front has a curve in it. This stops it pushing against the knee. Jerry has told me the next mods are thicker foam on the pad and the foot pads are one piece, so will look forward to a new one in the new year. Just like to say that Jerry by selling these fantastic bits of kit has changed my life. Jerry and his staff are excellent and their after sale service has been great, so thanks Jerry. I would recomend this for anyone to use.

  59. Dave Wright

    Having broken my right fibula I was finding normal crutches a problem – the iWalk transformed my life whilst in plaster, making it easy to move about and have my hands free (SO important). It is a very clever design and highly recommended – it’s clear now that it also served to keep my core strength and centre of balance maintained due to how you still walk as normal with this, and this has made my recovery after the plaster was removed so much faster and much more comfortable. The hospital staff were very impressed when they saw it and will also be recommending the iWalk to suitable patients coming into the fracture clinic – that speaks volumes!


    Having nearly fallen down the stairs and with sore hands & wrists after only 3 days on the dreadful NHS wrist crutches, I found this device on the net and bought one. Once I got the angle of the fitting right it was a doddle to use. Quite literally gave me my life back as I live on my own and just getting a cup of tea was a logistical test let alone climbing or shuffling up stairs. The No Help Service information leaflet was about as much use a chocolate teapot but all the videos and written advice for using the pegleg were great. Jerry was also really helpful in getting it to me as quick as possible.

  61. jane showering

    This is a life saver! Not only did it give my son much needed and appreciated independence following his operation following a badly broken ankle, pinning and plating but i have leant it out numerous times to others. Beautifully made product, very easy altogether. I do wish it catered for the taller person as my kids are all 6’2″ plus and there is a limit to the height.
    It is an ingenious bit of kit! My physios were amazed and had never seen or heard of any such aid.

  62. John Walls

    Dear Jerry
    I just wanted to offer you some feedback after I have been using the iWalk 2.0 for the last 2 weeks. As you can imagine when you have had surgery on your foot to fuse the bones and you are in pain and adjusting to life on crutches in the first week, it is quiet traumatic. By the second week I was getting quite frustrated on crutches as they limit your ability to walk any distance and obviously you are not able to complete simple tasks in the house as you do not have the use of your arms e.g carry a cup of tea. By the end of week 2 I was desperate to gain some independence and restore some sanity as I had gone from a busy life style in business and personal life to hopping around the house feeling sorry for myself. In desperation I searched the internet and found iWalk 2.0, what a god send!! It has made a profound difference in my ability to move around the house and walk outside, what a life saver and also restoring my sanity and independence. I have been walking now for 2 weeks with the iWalk and I have really mastered the technique (I was up and walking within 5 mins initially) with ability to do almost everything I did previously around the house with confidence. It definitely is a game changer for me and I hope the next 3 weeks that I have left non-weight bearing will be much easier to cope with both physically and mentally. I would like to say thank you for supplying this innovative device that has improved my rehabilitation beyond belief 😉 thanks again.

  63. Stephen Harvey (verified owner)

    I read all the reviews, watched the instruction videos and then when the iWalk 2.0 arrived I was literally up and walking in a couple of minutes. The six weeks of my lower leg being in a non weight bearing plaster was totally transformed by this device. It enabled me to be an able bodied person with full use of all my limbs, words cannot express the difference it made to my life!

  64. David (verified owner)

    Hi, I recently suffered a ruptured Achilles Tendon and had my leg in plaster from just under my knee to the end of my toes. Tried elbow crutches, under-arm crutches and a Zimmer frame and still couldn’t carry a simple cuppa. In desperation I bought an iWALK 2.0, and >>BINGO< within 5 minutes of putting it on I cooked my breakfast, made a cuppa and walked into the dining room carrying them, INSTANT HAPPINESS. Thank You,David.

  65. Miles Mitchell (verified owner)

    Im a carpenter, this product got me back to work 3 weeks post surgery, it allowed me to use my hands and more importantly my mind which had been stuck in bed for 3 weeks! i had a lis franc fracture, six broken foot bones

  66. emma kirby

    Dear Jerry, I wanted to thank you and Peg Leg for enabling me to move around with relative ease and therefore give me back my freedom and sanity following my riding accident! I had broken three metatarsals in my right foot together with my big toe and had a puncture wound from a metal stud, I was left with the prospect of six weeks non weight bearing using only painful crutches. It was incredibly depressing. I am usually a very active person with three children, a dog, a cat and three horses plus my lovely husband! Life had to continue as normally as possible following my accident which meant cooking meals, doing the washing, working (from home thankfully) – ‘getting on with life’ but simply making a cup of tea with my crutches nearly brought me to tears with frustration. Going backwards and forwards from fridge to kettle hopping on one leg was ridiculous. I had to hang out the washing by putting the wet clothes over my shoulder and ‘crutch’ over to the washing line then repeat the process until it was all done. The day the Peg Leg arrived changed my recovery from mental torture to bearable. The simple act of having two hands free was brilliant. I was walking within five minutes and i had my freedom back. By the end of the six weeks i was walking out to the fields to bring the horses in using my Peg Leg! I was me again. I hated relying on other people and to be able to do things for myself once more was so liberating. I would encourage anyone who can use the Peg Leg to get one.

  67. Hilary shabana

    Brilliant company always prompt
    Reply very helpful.

  68. Judy Royle

    Jerry, really appreciate your efforts in supplying the bolts that seemed to have gone missing from our iWalk Free! I spoke to you on a Thursday and got what I needed the very next day! Brilliant service! Many thanks!!

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