Realistic Evaluation

It’s good to hear from a customer who has had a good experience when renting a iWALKFree who also appreciates the limitations. Tom Tichler of Herts sent us this last week, and I would agree with his assessment of the device, especially the need to adjust it and get used to using it:
“I used the iWALKFree when recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon. I think it is a great invention enabling one to get back a measure of independence when dependent upon crutches. Having watched the ‘how to video’ a few times on the manufacturer’s website, I found setting up and getting the knack of using the device to be reasonably straight forward. Clearly practice is required and over time one realises how to fine tune the settings (height of straps, position of peg) to get the best setting.
Of course it is not without drawbacks: an hour at a time is about as much as you want to restrict the leg in that position; whilst I found it good for pottering around the house, it did not suit me to go for a ‘real’ walk as I found my knee cap rubbed and developed a blister. However, overall, faced with the alternative of being limited to crutches, the iWALKFree brought me sanity during a frustrating period!”

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