Mike and Tatjana

Two nice comments recently. Mike left this on our Facebook page:

“I am a below knee amputee, and due to a condition in the remaining stump, I am unable to use a prosthetic limb at all, so I haven’t walked for 13 years. I have recently tried out one of these and within 15 minutes i was walking all round my house. My legs are very weak so I need to strengthen them up, but this device is going to change my life tenfold, I can’t believe I didn’t spot these before now amazing product”

We should have some to sell back in stock soon and I hope he’ll be back for one.

Tatjana mailed me about her rental and said

“I also wanted to say thank you for offering this product for rental. It really made my life a lot easier during my 6 weeks of non-weight bearing after my foot operation. Whilst I was never able to solely use the iWALKFree, using it combined with 1 regular crutch was still a lot easier than walking with 2 regular crutches and I would absolutely recommend the iWALKFree and your service to anybody in the same position.
Thank you!”

Interesting how some people find it easier to gain confidence on the iWALKFree than others, isn’t it? I’m glad they both found the device so useful.

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