Musing About Crutches

Bad luck to Matt Bellamy of Muse, who Tweeted from @MattBellamy the other day that he had broken his foot. Article in the Daily Mail here with pictures of him looking fed up on crutches, presumably because he has had to cancel three tour dates.

I Tweeted him the offer of an iWALKFree to use but he hasn’t yet come rushing (or hobbling) to our door. I was amused at his suggestion of performing on a Segway but finding that it got in the way of his guitar – not a problem he’d have with an iWALKFree!

Long John Silver

I see that Sky is showing what looks like a stunning new production in HD of Treasure Island, with the first episode on New Year’s Day at 7pm and repeated at 5pm on the 2nd on Sky 2. Long John Silver is played by Eddie Izzard but seems to be missing the traditional pegleg in the trailer I have seen. I wonder if he’d have liked the use of an iWALKFree? We do have a small supply of inflatable parrots to give away.

Innovative things at the Boat Show

I went to the Southampton Boat Show on Friday, to lust after gorgeous boats that I can’t afford, but one of the most interesting bits of the day was wandering around the small stands in the gadgets areas. Here are a few of the brilliant ideas I saw:

Eurotherapy sat me down and treated my aching foot with their vibrating thing. It seemed to make the plantar fasciitis a bit better but as Ken told me, it needs regular use to be effective. Not cheap, but worth it if it solves an unpleasant problem. May well suit some of the people who have used an iWALKFree in the past or are still doing so.

Next up was the Steersman which works a little like a windvane steering system but using tension in one of the lines (“sheet”) connected to the foresail. The reason I mentioned this is that it shows the same kind of ingenuity of design brought to market very professionally by an inventor in the same way as the iWALKFree does. I wish them the best of luck with it. Very cheerful music on the video on their main page!

Finally, another brilliant brainwave, the Boatbox. It’s a car roof box that doubles as a dinghy. Why on Earth has nobody thought of it before?