Fleet Street Fox gives the iWalk 2.0 an accidental plug

It was very kind of Fleet Street Fox (Susie Boniface) to give the iWalk 2.0 an inadvertent plug in the Daily Mirror in her piece based on the hype about the new Star Wars, in which they kindly used a couple of pictures of Harrison Ford (what, him again?) on his iWalk 2.0 back in the summer. She mentioned a figure of $127 million for “special effects, JJ Abrams’ fee and Harrison Ford’s ankle” but I am delighted to report that, of that figure, Mr Ford’s iWalk 2.0 was only £150 worth!

If you hate your crutches and need the use of your hands (Harrison didn’t actually need to hang on to the handle like he was doing in those pictures) it’s a bargain worthy of the Black Friday phenomenon that she was moaning about but available all year round from us.