We have decided to close our account at Amazon because of the very high selling fees, which meant we had to add £50 to the price we offer the iWALKFree at elsewhere. This was in addition to the unacceptably high monthly cost of having an account with them that was allowed to sell in the category of goods into which the iWALKFree falls.


I have been delighted over the last couple of days to have two customers take the trouble to phone me and let me know how much they are loving their iWALKFree. It hasn’t been as easy as it looks, of course, but they have put in the effort and are getting on fine now. Hopefully they will be sending me pictures and articles for here.

First UK iWALKFree delivered!

Kim from Shropshire has become the first person in the UK to own an officially-imported iWALKFree hands-free crutch.

Kim (45) is preparing for a Sub-Talar Fusion operation, which will require her to put no weight on her ankle for at least 8 weeks.  Careful planning has included relocating to a town-centre house with a downstairs bathroom and level access to the street.

But there was one thing stopping her from going ahead with the surgery:  “I know how grim it is using ordinary crutches,” said Kim, who damaged her ankles in a serious car accident in 1990. Undaunted, she has travelled independently through Australia, Thailand and Bali before returning to the UK to prepare for her operation.

“A friend saw Simon Rimmer cooking on Saturday Kitchen standing on an iWALKFree and I thought, that’s the missing piece. I can go for it now. The iWALKFree is just what you need if you live on your own, or if you value your independence.”